"first name known, unknown last name in New Jersey"--Update #usa

Marilyn Robinson

Hi All,
 In December 2020 I posted, in part, the following: 
"Several years ago, I found a September, 1963 letter addressed to my maternal grandmother, Gussie Levine SCHULTZ, signed by a nephew, "Peter". He referred to my grandmother as his "aunt". The letter was from West-Long Branch, NJ., but no street address was listed. It was signed as, "Peter & Elise & children (three of them)". One of the children's names mentioned, was "Roland"; no other names were included in the note...."
Several people from this SIG were so helpful with solving this mystery: The family's last name is/was GOLDBERG and some family members are still in West Long Branch. Peter's mother, Millie/Mildred LEVINE (Leurie) was an unknown sister of my maternal grandmother's.
One of Peter's sons was William.  (b. 1951)-I contacted him by phone (left a message) & his wife, Judith Scharf Goldberg (via Facebook)---neither of them responded back. I also contacted Robin Compoly, Judith's sister, who was on F/B & on Ancestry (creating a small Goldberg tree). She finally responded, saying that she was researching GOLDBERG on behalf of William and that she would forward my info. to him. And, if he had any interest he would contact me himself-- Never heard from William Goldberg, & it's now 4 months later---sooo frustrating!! I'm not sure what else I can do at this point--any ideas???
Marilyn Robinson (aka JewishGem)
Researching: UNTERBERGER (Krakow, Tarnow)

Eva Lawrence

Phone numbers are easily lost, and emails disappear at the bottom of one's inbox.  If neither of these work, I'd try an good old-fashioned paper letter, with my address at the top.

Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

marlene finkelstein

My google search found William & Judith Goldberg in NJ Federal Bankruptcy court with the last update 7/30/2020. They are probably not in any state of mind to respond to you. 
Marlene Finkelstein