Free access to UK census records this weekend #records

N. Summers

Just learned about this free offer from FindMyPast:

All UK census records are free this weekend

All of Findmypast’s British census records (1841-1911) are completely
free to access from 10:00 (BST) on 30 April until 3 May. Amazing
snapshots of the past, census records can help you trace your family
tree, generation by generation.

As I have no relatives in the UK, I have not tried it, but it seems like
a good resource. Happy Hunting!

Wolyn_, Russia _>Radzyliv_, Ukraine; _Ostroh_, Rivne, Poland>_Ostrog_,
_Rovno_, Ukraine; _Wolinsky_, Russia> _Ostrog_, _Volyn_,
Ukraine).*SAGORODER/ZAGORODER *(_Radziwillow_, Belarus/Ukraine; _Tel
Aviv_, Palestine / Israel).*LISS > ALPER*(_Motol_, _Vilyna_, _Pinsk_,
_Minsk, _Russia/Belarus)

Nancy Summers

Maryland, USA


FINKELSTEIN, BOOKSTEIN, KOENIG/SUKOENIG, LUSMAN, GOLDINER, SAGORODER/ZAGORODER (Radziwillow, Belarus/Ukraine; Ostrog, Poland/Belarus; Warsaw, Poland; Wolinsky, Russia/Ukraine)

LISS / ALPER  (Motol, Russia/Belarus)

LEAF / LIFSCHITZ ( Rechitsa, Belarus)