Locating a Passengers (Harry & Fanny Harris) Arriving in the US at the Eve of WWI #usa #hungary #general #slovakia #records

Moishe Miller


I am hoping someone might offer a suggestion or assistance in finding the arrival of a couple to the US. 

Harry (Tzvi / Hersh) Harris, born 1891 in Scranton, PA, was a student at the yeshiva in Carlsbad (today known as Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic). He married in August of 1914, probably in Zalacska (Zalužice), Slovakia, to Fanny (Feiga / Faigy) Handler, daughter of Moshe Handler and Malka Greunfeld (Malks'a family was from Michalovce, Slovakia). 

It appears that there was some type of notice issued by the USA advising all citizens abroad to return home due to the currents of WWI. Both Harry and Fanny did return, perhaps not together. What I do know is:
  1. As per attached, Harry petitioned for an Emergency Passport Application in Dec 1914, in Budapest.
  2. Fanny gave birth to Philip E. Harris on 4 Jul 1915 in Scranton, Pennsylvania
So, I know that sometime after the August 1914 wedding and the Jul 1915 birth, Fanny immigrated to the USA. I can not find a ship manifest at any port showing the couple's US arrival, not individually or together. I even tried looking for a WWII-time citizenship petition for Fanny, which would include when and where she arrived, but I do not find one of those either. For those that want to look, I have far more detail on this family on a family tree at Ancestry (https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/170194064/person/362242186449/facts).

Would anyone have suggestions about finding their early World War I arrival manifests?

Thank you,

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
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