Finding New York Death Certificate if have Index Number from 1949 #records

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David -

Just go to the NYC Department of Health, Vital Records webpage and follow the instructions carefully.  I can't emphasize enough how important it is to follow their instructions because they will reject your request for the slightest deviation. Two years ago I was unable to get a birth or death certificate for my two uncles because the city's idiotic rules said one had to be in a direct family line.  They had since eased that restriction and I was able to get the certificates I needed. 

Jeffrey Gee



The record must be ordered, and you have to demonstrate a familial relation in order to do so. The direct-line relationship must be within that of a great-grandparent; requests for cousins, aunts and uncles will not be fulfilled.

Best of luck in your search,
David Passman
Dallas, Texas

Adam Cherson

I face a similar conundrum. The records from 1949 should have been microfilmed and available to the public, before Covid and before the new privacy regulations. I do not know the reason this was not done. At this stage these records from 1949 are awaiting to be micofilmed somewhere. I do not think it would be possible to order a copy.
Adam Cherson

David Levine

Hi -

If I have a Death Index Record for 1949 City of New York, Kings County
Certificate number 22802 Date of death 08 Dec 1949

Family Search has Death Certificates up to 12 Jan 1949 but not after

Does anyone know if any of the genealogy websites have the full records? 
Or, does this have to be ordered?

Many thanks

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David Levine
San Francisco, CA, USA
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