Chorzele, Poland questions; ~1931 picture of Mendel Katz and family #poland


1. The cemetery exists - but only few parts of mazevoth remains.
2. Visiting Chorzele - it is a small place . From Jewish past only the cemetery remain.
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Sondra Korman <smkcns33@...>

Looking for information re: Mendel Katz, my grandmother’s brother and the burial grounds in Chorzele.   I have an undated letter written in Yiddish from  Mendel to my grandmother Rose (Reizel).  She emigrated from Chorzele to the U.S. via Ellis Is. in 1912.  The letter is on the back of a picture depicting Mendel and his family at the unveiling of the  tombstone of Gedaliah Reuvan (son of Mordechai Yitzchak).  I had both the letter and tombstone translated and it appears that the picture was taken in the Spring of 1931, a year after Reuvan’s death on March 1, 1930.  
—The Yitzkor Book Necrology Database lists both Leib Katz and Mendel Katz from Chorzele.    What does this mean?   (My grandmother’s older brother Leib lived in NY.)
—Does anyone know whether the Chorzele cemetery still exists?
—In the future, I am interested in visiting Chorzele—any recommendations for tour guides? 
Thank you,
Sondra Korman