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Since mid-June 2020, Gesher Galicia has uploaded the indexes of the
following record sets from our Vital Records Project to the All
Galicia Database:

- Lubycza Krolewska M 1880-1918, 1921-1931
- Mosciska B 1925-1937; D 1899-1926
- Nawaria B 1876-1877, 1879-1882, 1896-1897; D 1879-1897
- Podhajce B 1853-1881, 1884, 1886-1889
- Stanislawow B 1933, 1934, 1938; D 1888
- Strusow M 1853-1859, 1862, 1870; D 1837-1838, 1840-1870
- Tarnopol B (index book) 1816-1860; D 1834-1845

Coming soon, there will be:
- Krakow Jewish military chaplaincy marriages 1917-1918
- Podkamien (near Brody) B 1841-1875; B (index book) 1900-1942
- Przemysl Jewish military chaplaincy marriages 1916.05-1918.10
- Tartakow B 1815-1819, 1828-1858.

In addition, we have started transcribing and adding the indexes from
selected index books whose towns our team has identified in the
Przemysl Identification Project. To date, we have transcribed about a
dozen books from the ID Project, with more planned for later this year
and next year. The following index books identified in the project
have so far been transcribed and the information uploaded to the All
Galicia Database:

- Bochnia B (index book) 1895-1942; D (index book) 1940-1942
- Kolomyja D (index book) 1941-1942
- Komarno B (index book) 1914-1942
- Kopyczynce B (index book) 1895-1942; M (index book) 1920-1938
- Nowy Sacz B (index book) 1938-1940; M (index book) 1938-1940
- Sadowa Wisznia B (index book) 1935-1942
- Tarnopol D (index book) 1893
- Tyczyn B (index book) 1867-1941 - with also a list of 104 Jewish men
from a selection process (possibly for forced labor) from around
- Zolynia B (index book) 1910-1942

Transcriptions of further books identified in the Przemysl ID Project
will be coming soon, including from:
- Korczyna B (index book) 1920-1942
- Kozowa D (index book) 1877-1891, 1934-1938
There are also entirely 19th-century index books identified in the ID
Project containing new information. These will be also transcribed and
uploaded to the database. An example is:
- Skalat B (index book) 1827-1858.

In the Holocaust Project, we have uploaded a set of records:
- Stanislawow Jewish ghetto residents receiving food rations
August-September 1942.
A much larger list, with over 10,000 names, compiled as the ghetto was
being set up, is:
- Stanislawow Jewish residents January-March 1942.
This has been completed, but is still being fully checked, and will be
uploaded by June.

In the Jewish Taxpayers project, we have uploaded records to the database from:
- Podkamien (near Brody), 1931
- Sasow, 1939
- Uscieczko, 1936
- Zbaraz, 1936.
Still to come: Sokolowka, 1937.

We also uploaded spreadsheet of school pupils from:
- Brzozow, 1920-1939 (with thanks to Suzan Wynne for transcribing and
donating the spreadsheet)
- Gorlice, 1893-1925 (with thanks to Russ Maurer for transcribing and
donating the spreadsheet)
- Przemysl, 1938-1939 (with thanks to Lukasz Biedka for transcribing
and donating the spreadsheet).

In addition to these, there was:
- Tyszkowce Jewish residents 1922.

The Przemysl Identification Project has made rapid and efficient
progress in recent months thanks to the dedicated efforts of a small
core team of researchers, the hard work of the project's coordinator,
Piotr Gumola, and the support of Gesher Galicia members. There are now
less than 15 index books left to identify. Following a thorough
checking process, we will announce the detailed results of the project
in June.

There will be updates over the coming months on all our other research
project, including the Josephine & Franciscan Cadastral Surveys
Project, the Medical Students Project, and the Maps Project - as well
as a new Censuses Project to be launched this year.

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