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Nancy Siegel

JewishGen is pleased to report that 13,971 new records from our colleagues and partners at LitvakSIG are now searchable via the JewishGen Lithuania Collection.

This update features a unique list of Jews repressed during the first Soviet occupation of Lithuania in 1940-1941 (2,606 lines). Repressive measures, including arrests and deportations, were targeted at supposed "anti-Soviet elements." Jews were caught up in the repression in numbers approximately proportional to their population. Repression peaked with an intense deportation action from June 14-18, 1941, during which some 17,000 individuals were deported to Siberia. Commonly, when men were sent to a prison camp, their families were sent into Siberian exile at a separate location. The list of Jews who

were repressed was created by Galina Zhirikova of the Lithuanian Holocaust Museum. We are grateful to the Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum for permission to translate and publish this list. This list is included in the revision list category in search results.

Menachem Begin, who was later to become Prime Minister of Israel, was among those repressed.

Also in the revision list category, a conscription list has been added for the interwar years from Mariampole, Suwalki district (312 lines).

In the tax and voter category, tax lists have been added for 1855 and some for 1858 from various towns in Kaunas district (3,657 lines).

In the passports category, additions have been made to two collections. One is the Kaunas passport envelopes, containing supporting documentation submitted in support of applications for internal passports (2,007 lines). The other is the Obeliai questionnaires, filled out by Jews returning to Lithuania, most from the Russian interior, in the aftermath of WWI (4,845 lines). Both of these collections will have further updates in the future.

As far as vital records, the 1922-1927 birth index for Birzai (333 lines) has been added. This index is likely to include births occurring in Vabalninkas, Papile, Nemunelio Radviliskis, and Salociai, for which Birzai was the designated reporting center in those years. The index includes the full name of the child, the father's initial, the year of birth, and a pointer to the full record. The full records are protected under the 100-year privacy rule, but can be obtained from

the Lithuania State Historical Archive (LVIA) by a qualifying relative.

Other records added include Sirvintos marriages, 1873-1875 (15 records) and Paberze deaths, 1838-1853 and 1869 (196 records), correcting inadvertent omissions from prior uploads.

To search these records via JewishGen’s Lithuania Database, please follow this link:

All of these records are also searchable via the LitvakSIG at They will appear in the search results under the categories named above. Note that the database names displayed in the search results may not reflect the contents perfectly. For example, the passports database is called the "Lithuania Internal Passports Database" even though it now includes Obeliai questionnaires and Kaunas passport envelopes, among other things. Likewise, the Revision List database and the Tax/Voter database both encompass a variety of specific record types. 

JewishGen and LitvakSIG are independent organizations, in a strategic partnership to achieve shared goals. To learn more about the work of LitvakSIG, please click here or contact Russ Maurer, LitvakSIG’s Records Acquisition & Translation Coordinator, at vhrproject@....

Nancy Siegel
Director of Communications
(San Francisco, California)