notes on a manifest #records

June Genis

I would appreciate thoughts on what appear to be notes added at a
later date on a manifest record. I believe that the first person on
the page, Schmul Okun, was originally listed as "shop keeper" which
was later changed to "clerk" that same change appears to have been
made to other people. The second line includes a note that appears to
be a reference to another document and date much farther in the
future. It's unclear whether that reference is intended to apply only
to that line but all entries on that page. Can anyone shed some light
on these things? I tried to paste a screen image of the record here
but it keeps showing up as an attached PNG file. I'm not sure if the
address below will get someone there. If not, can someone let me know
the best way to share it?

June Genis
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David Oseas

The note was added by the INS when the second passenger applied for naturalization and applies only to that passenger.

For more info on this and other passenger list markings, see the InfoFile on JewishGen:

David Oseas