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Are there any traditions or customs around naming conventions you can help with?
I have found three male names who I believe are brothers - Simon Harry, Leon Saul and Moisey Nesanel (surname Nesanelis). All born late 19th century in the Ukrainian part of the the then Russian Empire.
The first two (Simon/Leon) made it to the UK and made this part of Europe their own (census, birth records of children etc). The third Moisey I believe remained in Russia (Vitals, Military records etc).

Simon married in the UK and he has a brother listed as being in attendance "Moshe Leib", not "Leon Saul" who I know to have been resident at the time. The attached is an extract from the Marriage authorisation record:

Would it be unusual to give a child a middle name the same as the first name of another child (Leib/Leon Saul and Moshe Leib)? 
Would two children be given variants of the same first name namely Moshe and Moisey? (i.e. Leon Saul is actually Moshe Leib, and he changed his name on his own marriage as he did his surname)

There are of course other explanations at play here - I may not be looking at three brothers!
Or that the 'brother in attendance' actually relates to two individuals Moshe and Leib? Moshe accompanying his parents who I do believe took the trip to the UK before returning back to Russia.
But useful to get your thoughts on naming conventions and any other potential scenario at play here.

Many thanks


Neil Ashton
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Interested in Locations: Berdichev/Odessa.
Surnames: Nesanelis/Litinzisky (to name but two)

Dan Nussbaum

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