Jaffa Immigration Records-Translation Requested #israel #translation #records


I have attached the immigration records from Jaffa from 1919-1921 obtained from the Israeli government archives.  I believe my grandfather, Isaac Russman, may have emigrated to Palestine from Wlodova, Poland, likely through Odessa in that period.  My Hebrew is fairly rudimentary, but it appears to me that there may be 2 Russman's as the second and third records on page 229, or another one as the 11th record on page 236.  I would appreciate it if someone could translate these records and let me know.  Also, if there are other Russman entries, or some derivation thereof, in the listing, it would be great to know.

Thank you.

Fred Kuntzman


The 11th record on page 236 is:

Yitzchak (Isaac) Risman, who arrived on August 3rd, 1929, on a ship called the Tarbiel or Charbiel, number 1719 (possibly a ticket number?  I can't make out the column header). 

As to the 2nd and 3rd records on page 229:  To me, the family name looks like "Rachamim".
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA