Looking for Yasha from Zhitomyr Ukraine #ukraine


Looking for Yasha, last name unknown.


After Yasha’s father died his mother, whose name might have been Hannah, remarried.

Yasha immigrated with an uncle from Zhitomyr, Ukraine to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA in the early twentieth century where he became a pharmacist and had three sons.


Yasha sent parcels to his mother Hannah in Soviet Russia. The parcels were rejected because it was unsafe to have contact with foreigners. Contact was lost but Yasha is remembered three generations later for his efforts. 


Can you help reestablish the connection between Yasha’s descendants and the relatives  who were trapped in Russia, some of whom are now in the United States?


*Yasha might be Jacob in English 


Thank you for your help. 


please contact me directly.



Aaron Ginsburg

Foxboro, MA USA