REQUEST: close-up photograph of an image on a grave in Montreal QC Canada #photographs #canada

Chloe Kogan


I have a special request for a photograph of an image on a grave in Montreal. The gravestone of my uncle Mortimor (may his memory be for a blessing) has his photograph set into it, and it's the only photo of him that's still in existence that I'm aware of.

My request is for a close-up, head-on photograph just of Morty's photograph on the gravestone -- as high a quality as possible.

My plan is to print out the photo you take and frame it and give it as a gift to my aunt, who has been without a photo of her beloved late brother her entire adult life. I'm including the info for the grave's location below, as well as a link to its profile on JOWBR. Thank you so much in advance for your help.

Cemetery: Back River Cemetery - Memorial Gardens
Section: Shaare Zion Congregation
Address: Corner Berri and Sauve, Montreal, Quebec
Location: Line 11 Grave 9
Map 1:
Map 2:
Name: Mortimor KOGAN

Again, thank you so much in case you can help with this request.

Be well,
Chloë Kogan
Arizona, USA
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Mike Coleman

Have you posted a request on Findagrave?

Mike Coleman   London U.K.


Peter Cherna

I understand you've been connected with Gary Perlman, who I know will do a great job for you. He is a local legend having photographed thousands upon thousands of Montreal gravestones.  You'll get a great photograph for sure.

The image is on stone, so there is going to be some stone grain I assume. If you want the image cleaned up or colorized, the Reddit forum r/estoration is full of eager volunteers (also people who require "tips" if you want their efforts). Once you get the image you could ask over at 

Good luck.

Peter Cherna, Exton PA (peter@...)
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