ViewMate translation and Photos Identification request #photographs #lithuania #translation #poland



I've posted photos for which I need a translation and identification. It is on ViewMate at the following addresses:

Please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.
Thank you very much.

Aviv Yahav

Frank Szmulowicz

The first one is in Polish. I can translate this part: ofiaruję moją z..... mojej drogiej mamusi.  I am offering my (indecipherable for now) to my dear mother (more like mommy, since mamusia is dimunutive of mother).  B. Wrerzba (?) October 26, 1933
The second one is in Russian, I believe в память военной службы , or in memory of military service, although the root of военной  is war.
Frank Szmulowicz

Frank Szmulowicz

Number four:
The caption reads cabinet portrait
The cabinet card was a style of photograph which was widely used for photographic portraiture after 1870. It consisted of a thin photograph mounted on a card typically measuring 108 by 165 mm (4+14 by 6+12 inches).
The last cabinet cards were produced in the 1920s, even as late as 1924.

Frank Szmulowicz

One likely possibility for image one
ofiaruję moją podobiznę mojej drogiej mamusi
I am offering my likeness (i.e., image, photo) to my dear mother.
 at the bottom, there is
"od", that is "from" the named person.

Frank Szmulowicz