Request Info on Chevra Anshei Shalom Khaidenev #usa


Two of my great grandparents, Julius Schiller and Rebecca Chanovitz Schiller are buried at the Mount Judah Cemetery in Queens, NY, in the landmanschaft area of the Chevra Anshei Shalom Khaidenev. I hope I have transliterated the name correctly. I haven't been able to find out much about this group. I don't think it still exists or maybe there are some members still in Israel. I am attaching a photo of the entrance to that area of the cemetery.


Jeff Fine
Montclair, NJ, USA
Family names/towns
Sekuran, Bessarabia (Shecter, Eisenberg)
Igumen, Minsk, Belarus (Ekelchik, Sussman)
Minsk(?) (Fine, Z(w)erlin)
Chason, Chasen, Chanovitz
Ulanow, Poland (Hassenfeld, Laufer, Reich, Ölbaum)

Sherri Bobish


"Khaidenev" (Koidenav in Yiddish) = Dzyarzhynsk, Belarus

"Traditional/Orthodox Chevrah Anshe Sholom Koidonov (1920-5) at 33 Jefferson Street "

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish