Extraordinary Cemetery Cleanup in Lyubar, Ukraine Happening Now #ukraine

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt

Please contact me offline if you would like updates to the extraordinary Jewish cemetery cleanup project happening now in Lyubar, Ukraine. A team headed by Viktor Vahofsky of Novograd-Volynsk is commuting daily to Lyubar with chainsaws, machetes, shovels, and a professional photographer to clear the overgrowth and trees, upright the stones, and clean them for photographing. On the first day, over 500 digital images and videos for about 50 stones were loaded to a shared drive. It is estimated, there are 300-400 stones total to record. This is a truly a Herculean task. I visited Lyubar two years ago and these hundreds of stones were literally covered by a jungle of full grown trees and undergrowth that made them invisible from the perimeter fence. Join our Lyubar Town group and keep up to date on progress.

Last year, this same team did a similar project in Pulin, Ukraine and will likely be headed to another nearby town in the future. Stay tuned as we progress through this area of what was once part of the administrative district of Novograd-Volynsk in Volhynia Guberniya. We are very excited for this opportunity!

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt
Director, US Research Division