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Dear Genners, I've been searching for my maternal great grandmother's maiden name for decades, with no results. She was known in the family as Riva the Booba (meaning midwife). She married my ggf Yishea/Ovshiy Berensohn and they then lived in Krasnoye, Podolia Gubernia. Their son, my gf Shmuel/Sam Berenson, was born there in 1880. I know she delivered Harry Loigman(1892), Ida Loigman (1893), and Victor Loigman (1904) in Krasnoye. Now, there was a large group in Philadelphia, the Gershman family, who attended all our family functions. I never knew how we were related. They came from Zhitomir and the farthest back I've gotten was Leib Gershman. In Pennsylvania, my aunt Rive/Rebecca Berenson was born in 1915, so I assume she was named after my ggm Riva --who presumably died between 1905 (when an older sibling was born) and my aunt's birth. Does anyone who is researching Zhitomir find any of this familiar?
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BERENSON (Krasnoye, Ukraine)
SHTOFMAN (Bessarabia)



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Sherri Bobish


Here are a few ways you might find the maiden name of Sam Berenson's mother Riva:

If Sam married in The U.S. than his marriage record may contain his mother's maiden name.

Sam's death certificate may contain his mother's maiden name, but keep in mind that the info on a death cert is second-hand information.

If Sam was living in the mid-1930's than his original Social Security application (SS5) should contain his mother's maiden name.  Note that obtaining the SS5 is not free.
"You can make a request for a copy of a deceased person’s original Application for a Social Security Card (SS-5) and/or Numident record (a computer extract of the SS-5) in two ways: Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish