Searching for Hermann Levi, composer and conductor #germany

Yvonne Stern

A friend of mine is looking for data about her great-great  uncle, the conductor and composer 
Hermann Levi. (born 1839, in Giessen, and died 1900, in Muenchen). He was  the son of a Rabbi. and is  considered one of the 
very best conductors of his timeAmong his few compositions stands out a  Cantata performed at the inauguration of the Mannheim   Synagogue 
on 29th Aug. 1855. entitled  " Oh, wie schoen sind deine Zelte, Jakob"
 (Oh, how goodly are thy tents, Jacob.).   While the text  of this Cantata is known,  the score  is missing. Any idea of the whereabouts  of  the score of this Cantata is  highly appreciated.
Yvonne Stern
Rio de Janeiro


On the score repository there are two of his published opuses:  a set of 6 Lieder and a piano concerto. I don’t know this cantata, but I’m quite curious. I teach a course in the spring on Jewish composers.  If you email me I do have a book that discusses his music in one chapter (at least, that is my recollection; it’s been a year since  I taught the course and we had to go online suddenly, so that part got cut, so it’s been a while since I taught this (though I am again next year).  I think I have the book at home. Jeanne Swack