article about Viennese Jews who escaped to U.K. via Manchester Guardian advertisements #austria-czech #unitedkingdom #holocaust

Jules Levin

Years ago I knew a man from Vienna who was sent by his parents to London before the war.  When the war started he was interned as a foreign national.   When the British realized he was a Jew instead of releasing him, they enlisted him to remain in the camp and root out Nazi agents--that was his wartime service.

Jules Levin

Los Angeles

On 7/28/21 11:23 AM, Yael wrote:

I read that article!

My great grandmother (Irma) was a Hacker, born in Austria. I wonder if any relation?

Yael Silver

Alan Kolnik

This article shone an interesting light on some mysteries in my wife’s
family history

We have often wondered how my wife's aunt Gerda Neurath escaped from Austria
to a position as a maid for Miss Cohen, a magistrate, at 34 Manor Road,
Birmingham in 1939, and this article may provide the explanation.
Unfortunately, we will never know for sure.

Gerda’s cousin Rita Geiringer worked for a Mr. Lewinski at 73 Hamilton Ave
or 5 Portland Road and may also have been someone saved by one of these
advertisements in the Guardian.

I wonder if it was as a result of an advertisement in the Guardian like

Another relative, Max Hacker, whose father Isador Hacker married into the
Geiringer family, made it to Manila , possibly already married to Frieda
Vaisman or possibly they met in Manila. After the war they made it to
Chicago in the USA. He and his wife had a daughter Angelica who was born in
Manila, and this article finally provides us with an explanation of how this
may have happened.

Alan Kolnik
North Bethesda, MD, USA

Hazel Dakers

Critically, Borgers father was one such advertised cold. Very moving piece.
Hazel Dakers, London UK


Julian Borger, World Affairs Editor for The Guardian, wrote a very interesting article about Viennese Jews who escaped to the United Kingdom in 1938 and 1939 via classified ads placed in the Manchester Guardian.  This appeared in a special 200th anniversary edition of the newspaper.

Martin Tompa
Seattle, WA, USA