Immigration research strategies when you only have old world data #records #usa

David Levine

Hi everyone,

The researchers I am working with in Belarus (JHRG) identified a line of my family I never knew about.
One of the families in that in that line immigrated to the U.S. via NY in 1897-1899

It was a couple with two daughter. The husband (Moische Zamostchar) came first
The wife (Beile Zamostcher) with the girls (Sire, Dine) in 1899 (youngest was 2 so that helps date the father's arrival)
I found the manifest for the wife and 2 daughters in 1899 and it says they are going to the Husband (attached)
The last name appears in Ancestry's and Steve Morse's database for the wife's manifest
However the name is in the database for the husband's arrival nor for anything else at Ancestry, MyHeritage and Family Search

This is the opposite of the usual problem where I know their American names and are trying to find when they immigrated, where they from / going, and their old world names
Does anyone have and advice on searching "forward" in time in the U.S.?
They must be there. My initial searches on names, ages, similar names, has found nothing
Being the opposite of the usual search (I know their old world data and have a manifest for three of four but no other U.S. records), I am not sure how to proceed.

Thanks in advance

Best Regards,
David Levine
San Francisco, CA, USA
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Adam Turner

Here are the search parameters and top search result of a search I did in Ancestry. I find wildcards tend to be really useful in these cases (for a man with the name Moshe, I'll start with "Mor*" for "Morris" and so forth, then try "Mos*" to turn up everyone with the English name Moses, Mose, and so forth).

The family in that top result in the 1900 census looks like it could potentially be a fit, especially if we think "Sire" is actually "Cire" on the manifest. (I wouldn't be suprised if a Cire - likely a Tsirel - took the name Celia in the US.) The main part that gives me pause is that the age of the daughters is shifted about 3 years from what is on the manifest. But maybe this is a decent jumping-off point.

Adam Turner