Klara STEINWEG born 1903 UNNA #germany

Mike Redel

Dear gersigs,

Klara Steinweg was born 18.05.1903 In Unna. His father was the banker
I. Steinweg. I donĀ“t know his full name und the Name of her mother.
1909 Klara was in Berlin. Her father died in the same time because her
mother married a Schulze Buxlo. 1910 - 1913 Lyceum Bochum. She studied
in Munic, Berlin and Goettingen. In 1935 she lived in Florenz

Bevor 1973 she was in Germany Westfalia. Maybe in this year she died.
Who knows her correct death date - where ist her grave.


Mike Redel - Unna - Germany