Hebrew Cemetery, Asbury Park NJ #usa

Laurie Sosna


I have a death notice from the Asbury Park Press Apr 27, 1933 for MEYER LEVITZ who died Apr 26, 1933 in Bradley Beach.
It says: "Internment will be made in the Hebrew Cemetery by Funeral Director Harry J. Bodine."
I'd really like to get a photo of his headstone.

There are a couple of Hebrew Cemeteries nearby, Chesed Shel Ames & Agudath Achim.
I can't locate Meyer in the JOWBR.
I checked Find-a-Grave with no luck.

Cemetery mavens: any ideas?

Thanks for your help,
Laurie Sosna
San Francisco, CA



Meyer Levitz' death certificate would probably indicate the cemetery in which he is buried.

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David Passman
Dallas, Texas

Steve Stein

Chesed Shel Emes apparently belonged to a synagogue in Bradley Beach, so a good bet. It appears that both those cemeteries (adjacent, apparently) may have been taken over by Congregation Brothers of Israel in Long Branch, NJ. You might try contacting the office there to see if they have a record of burials. Don't assume that Find-A-Grave is complete, the volunteers often document only a section they are personally interested in.

Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ


Laurie -

You ought to try contacting Congregation Torat El in Ocean, NJ.  It is the successor to 3 congregations including Temple Beth El, a conservative congregation which originally was located in Asbury Park.  Beth El, including its cemetery, was organized in the 1920’s and the cemetery still exists.  The synagogue’s phone no.:  732-531-4410.
There was also was/is an orthodox synagogue in Belmar, NJ, close to Bradley Beach, known as Congregation Sons of Israel.  It was organized even earlier than Beth El.  I don’t know whether they had/have their own cemetery.  Phone no. 732-681-3200.
Good luck.

Len Oppenheim
Dummerston, VT 

Phil Goldfarb

You might also try the Congregation Sons of Israel cemetery in Lakewood, NJ on 7th street. The congregation has been around since 1904. If anyone had relatives from Lakewood, I have the 90 year History of the Congregation that was published in 1994 and written by Dorothy Zagorin (a relative). If you would like a copy, please e-mail me and I would be happy to send it to you.

Phil Goldfarb
President, JGS of Tulsa


Laurie -

I forgot to add to my earlier reply that you might want to contact the Ely Funeral Home in Neptune, NJ.  Harry Bodine had a funeral home in Asbury Park.  I believe that the Bodine Funeral Home was bought by the founder of the Ely Funeral Home.  Perhaps they have records going back to the Bodine Funeral Home era. Phone: 732-918-6650. 

Len Oppenheim
Dummerston, VT

Laurie Sosna

The odd thing is, I can't find a legit death record for him, only the newspaper notice.
I've searched all the usual indexes, he's not there.
I got his naturalization papers from the Monmouth County Archive, they don't have death records.

FamilySearch has some steps to take, but he's not there.
The NJ State Archives is missing the index for 1930-1948
The NJ State Archives is my next step, but the website doesn't seem to have clear instructions how to request a search.
Anyone have tips for how to get a search request?

Laurie Sosna
San Francisco, CA


Meyer is not buried at either the Agudath Achim or Chesed Shel Emes Cemetery.  Both cemeteries are near me and I walked both of them.  The Burial Secretary at Agudath also has no record of him being buried there.  The Agudath Cemetery was first established in the 1950's. The Chesed Shel Emes is much older but he is not buried there either.  Congregation Sons of Israel, formerly of Asbury Park and now Ocean, is much older but to the best of my knowledge most of the members of this synagogue formed the core of the chartering members of the Chesed Shel Emes. I was a member of this synagogue and there was never a mention of a synagogue cemetery other than the Chesed Shel Emes..  My father was secretary of the Chevra for over forty years.  Temple Beth El, formerly of Asbury Park, now Ocean, has a cemetery in Farmingdale which predates the 1930's also.  The synagogue merged with Temple Beth Torah and is now called Torat El on Monmouth Road. You might call them to see if their burial records go that far back.  Congregation Brothers of Israel is in Long Branch but I doubt anyone from Bradley Beach would have been buried in their cemetery.

Bodine Funeral Home was in Asbury Park.  It was bought out by Bloomfield Copper Chapels in Ocean.  It also was bought out by a large funeral chain but still operates under the name of Bloomfield-Cooper.  They did not have any details on a Hebrew Cemetery as per the press obit.

Paul Mayerowitz
Ocean, New Jersey


Can you publish the obituary that you have or at least the names of other relatives mentioned. They may still be living in this area and I could query a Facebook page for Ocean Township and the Nextdoor page for Eatontown to Wall that I am a member of to see if any names ring any bells.

Paul Mayerowitz
Ocean, NJ

jef barnett

Thank you to those members responding with the history of the local synagogues of Asbury Park and Bradley Beach, and their connections with the local cemeteries. My Grossman ( and Gassman) family from Asbury Park are buried in Chesed Shel Emes Cemetery, which we try to visit annually. The Synagogue connections are helpful knowledge.
Jef Barnett

Elana Broch <elanabroch@...>

I'd suggest contacting Regina Fitzpatrick rfitzpatrick@njstatelib.org.  We have been working on a presentation on finding your dead relatives in NJ. I can send you her handy dandy cheat sheet, but I wasn't sure I could post an image on this website.   I ordered a death record months ago, but the archives are very much shut down.  

Elana Broch
Lawrenceville, NJ

Laurie Sosna

Hi everyone,

First and always, I thank you all for your help. You're so generous with your time and I am so grateful.

Getting a death certificate would be the best way to track him, but he died in 1933. Elena's flowchart (an excellent resource!) stops at 1930.

The death notice doesn't provide many details: Asbury Park Press, April 27 1933:
"Meyer Levitz, 61, a shoemaker at 807 1/2 Main street, Bradley Beach, died last night. He is survived by his widow, four sons and a daughter. Funeral services are being held this afternoon at 3 o'clock at the late home. Interment will be made in the Hebrew cemetery by Funeral Director Harry J. Bodine."
His widow was his second wife, Ida. She lived in Asbury Park until her death in 1945.
His first wife, Lena, divorced him in 1917.
He married Ida in Brooklyn in 1919.
He and Ida moved to Asbury Park in 1920, he's in the city directories.
None of his children lived in NJ. His eldest son Nathan Levitz, lived in Brooklyn until about 1945 and may have been in contact with Meyer, I can't verify that.
By 1922, Lena and his other children, Louis, Sam, Fannie and Abraham lived in California.

I emailed the Ely Funeral Home yesterday, I received a reply this morning, they did not purchase Bodine.
Bloomfield Cooper is now owned by Dignity Memorials, a subsidiary of Service Corporation International (SCI), the largest funeral provider in the U.S.
They are not known for keeping records that far back.
SCI also owns the Neptune Society and the Trident Society.
I'm going to contact the other congregations, maybe they can help. Thank you for sharing those leads.

We'll see where it takes me.

Laurie Sosna
San Francisco, CA


You can try counties Historical Society, many hold these books, along with some cemetery books & may have a on-line search engine. Library may hold obituaries, sometimes libraries & Historical Societies work together.  I know such is as Olmsted County historical Society & Rochester, MN Library does. 
I hope this widens your scope & have success,
 Cathy Walters, Elgin, MN 
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