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I am researching the surname Perkel in the towns of Ruzhany, Pruzhany and Shershev in Belarus. Any information regarding this would be appreciated. 

Michael Perkel
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Gerald and Margaret

I  suggest you contact a charity called The Together Plan. Based in London and Minsk, the aim  to help the remaining Jewer communiy become more self-sufficient.  One of their projects is doing family search.
They have the huge advantage of knowing the language and the cumberson Bureaucrasies

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Margaret Levin
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I have been looking for this family for some time. My father-in-law was from Pruzhany. His grandmother Syma was originally Perkel (also seen written as Pankel). I haven't been able to find the rest of the family, tho I have found some in other towns. I can look at my random papers and see what I can find. If you find anything for the Pruzhany branch, I'd love to know the info too!

Marijke Bekken


There were Perkel family in Mszonow (Amshinov) about 50kms south west of Warsaw before the war. The only survivors I know of were three brothers who migrated to Australia after the war.  
Geoffrey Ackerman


Louis Zetler

There are/were PERKELs in South Africa

Louis Zetler


Here are the Perkels in Pruzhany in the Census of 1853. The source is a site about Pruzhany I am not sure it still exist.


Abram Leizerovich Perkel 62

Sons 1) Leizer Ber 37  

2) Leiba 24     

3) Morduch 21

4) Shmuilo 14 

Leizer’s son Orel Icka 10        

Chaim  Gesheliovich Perkel 25          

Brother Meer 29         

Leizer Mendel Davidovich Perkel 43

Son Shlioma 21

Rafal   Leizerovich Perkel 30

Son Leizer 14 

Brother Movsha 26     

Jankel  Eliovich Perkel 25     

Brother Orel 30

Orel’s son Nosel 11      

Hope this helps,

Max Polonovski
Cercle de genealogie juive, Paris, France