Transport VI on 29.8.1942 from Antwerp to Auschwitz #poland #holocaust


From research, I have now discovered the fate of one branch of my family.

The family were Icek Josek Berenholc, his wife Hena (nee Epsztejn) and their daughter Gela Rajzla.  They were all born in Warka, Poland.

I am related to this branch via my grandmother Malka (nee Berenholc).  

In or around 1922, the family left Warka, Poland and settled in Antwerp, Belgium.

Icek Josek Berenholc, Hena and Gela Rajzla were all deported from Antwerp on Transport VI on 29.8.1942.

It appears from records they were murdered almost immediately on arrival at Auschwitz.

Kazerne Dossin informed me there were some survivors of Transport VI, all men.

I would like to make contact with descendants of the:
(1)  survivors of this Transport; and

(2)  Berenholc and Epsztejn families of Warka.    

Please contact me privately.

Malka Flekier
London, England

(Searching: Flekier, Berenholc and Epsztejn of Warka, Poland)


Hello, Malka.

if you don't already have it, you may want to go to the Kazerne Dossin site, where you will find photos and the original Transport Documents for your ancestors named.
In case this works, here's a shortcut.  If not, you can do the same search by entering "Berenholc".

Hope this helps.

Bob Pachner
San Diego, CA