JGASGP Meeting May 23rd #ukraine #announcements #records

Marilyn Golden

The Jewish Genealogical and Archival Society is inviting you to our next meeting on:
Date:  May 23, 2021
  1:00 PM EDT check in, chat, and schmooze

           Official program starts promptly at 1:30

Guest Speaker: Alex Krakovsky: Referred to by FamilySearch as “one of the most influential figures in modern Jewish genealogy”

Alex Krakovsky, a Jewish Ukrainian, is using freedom of information laws and the court system in Ukraine to force archives to allow him to scan their records and post them on a public website. 


Alex was born in Kyiv in 1982 and graduated Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 2005. He started his own genealogy with a trip in 2011. Since then, he became involved in various Ukrainian archive projects. Most notable is Jewish towns (use Google’s Chrome browser and it’s translate function to view in English) with the goal to digitize and publish online all of the Jewish records in Ukraine. Alex spent years in Ukrainian archives finding various unknown Jewish lists and putting them online. He won many lawsuits with Ukrainian archives to make records open and available to everyone.


Topic: Tracing Jewish Ancestors from Ukraine: Why Many Researchers Fail and How to Succeed.
The Internet is full of typical questions like "my Rabinovich ancestors came to the US from Berdychiv in the early XX century but I can't find any records". People struggle for years and most eventually fail to find anything and give up. The key to success is it just doesn't work this way. It's not hard to find records you need. Genealogy is not rocket science. But you need to understand fundamental principles of how it all really works. And then you might find much more than you expected.

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Marilyn Mazer Golden
Membership VP