A Taste of Polish Jewish Genealogy from Krakow: June 6th #poland #galicia #announcements #events

Leah Kushner

Santa Cruz Jewish Genealogy Society Invites you: 

A Taste of Jewish Genealogy as a Gateway to the

            Civilization of Polish Jewry

with Tomasz Cebulski Ph.D., Professional Genealogist from Krakow
Sunday, 06 June 2021
at 1pm Pacific Daylight Time/4pm Eastern Time
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Tomasz joins us from Krakow for this program on why, when, and how to

conduct genealogical research. Tomasz will share his favorite online resources

before demonstrating how he combines research, maps, photography, video and

drone documentation in search of Polish Jewry. We will make a virtual visit to

Brzesko in former Galicia, once a vibrant center of Jewish life.

Bio:  Tomasz Cebulski Ph.D., has worked professionally as a Jewish genealogist for

over 20-years perfecting his knowledge on archival resources in Poland and Central

Europe. He is a scholar in genocide studies and changing patterns of Holocaust and

Auschwitz memory. Tomasz is a historical memory analyst, guide and author of

"Auschwitz after Auschwitz". He is the founder of Polin Travel and Sky Heritage


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Leah Kushner,
President:  SCJGS