DE BEER: Translation of 1654 Notarial Deed from Dutch to English #translation

Hilary Osofsky

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could translate a 1654 notarial deed that was executed in Amsterdam, attached and at Indexen (

I'm trying to determine whether the person referenced, Jacob Bar Moses, is connected to the DE BEER family of Emden, Germany.

A summary of the document would suffice; I would just like to know the nature of the transaction, whether, aside from Jacob Bar Moses, the names of any other people were mentioned and in what capacity, and in what way the city of Emden was involved.

Thanks very much.

Hilary Osofsky

de BEER: Amsterdam and Emden, Germany;
PELS AND SCHEUR: Wiegboldsbur, Germany; BRODA / BRADY: Boehmisch-Leipa, Austria (now Česká Lípa, Czech Republic); Emden; Augusta and Atlanta, Georgia; New York City
AHRON / ARONSOHN, MOSES, and JOSEPH: Ritzebuttel, Germany, and Hartford, Connecticut ;
Benjamin HERTZ / HERTS Family, Middleburg, Netherlands, England, and New York City
POLLAK: Ticino, Switzerland, and Trieste, Italy; PHILLIPS and HARRIS: England, Australia, and New Zealand; BOVSCHEVER / BOOCHEVER / BOWSCHOWER: Lyady, Belarus, and Jelgava / Mitau, Latvia
HYDEMAN: Albany, New York; FALKENBURGH /  VALKENBURG / VALKENBURGHER: Pyritz, Prussia / Germany; LEVEY: London, England