help finding the marriage date of my Aunt to her first husband #romania

Aline Petzold

Hello All:
I am looking for the date that my Aunt Sally (aka Sura or Sarah) Sternberg (DOB 1907) married her first husband Constantin (aka Costica) Caufman (DOB 1896). They were probably married in Bucharesti, where my aunt grew up. I am thinking it was around 1937+/-.  I know that they were divorced in July 1957 and that my aunt sally remarried shortly thereafter.  I have the divorce decree from Romania.  I know that her first husband's parents were Heinerich and Betti Caufman.  On  the JewishGen website I found a record of Costica's birth- listed under the name Carol Caufman.  I also found a notation that Costica changed his last name to Corman in 1950 and renounced his Romanian citizenship in 1961. He had possibly immigrated to Israel, because letter of approval for my aunt's immigration to Canada in 1951stated that she was living at an address in Haifa, with an "Emil Kaufman". I am interested in this data because my Aunt Sally's wedding is referred to in a letter written  to my maternal grandmother by her sister, my paternal grandmother.  I am hoping that someone can help me with this puzzle.  Thank you.
Aline Petzold St. Paul MN USA