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Relly coleman

I am translating a Hebrew article from the Wloclawek Yizkor book and need help translating names of villages/towns from the Hebrew/Yiddish to English or Polish names.  The article title is: Alexandrov and Dobrzin nad Wisla.



Hebrew name

Transliteration of Hebrew

Polish name

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Relly Coleman
Dobrzin nad Wisla
Dobrzin nad Wisla


Relly coleman

Tried both, but could not figure out from the Yiddish name what the Polish one is.
I was hoping that someone in the forum might know.
Relly Coleman

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

The Jewish Communities Database on Jewishgen gives the names of a place in Yiddish, Polish, Russian, whatever is appropriate.  The only drawback is that it only has big Jewish Communities, so if your family was one of only a few Jewish families in town, it wouldn't be there.

For example, Golinka (Russian), Alinka (Yiddish), Holynka (Belarussian). All the same town.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

"could not figure out from the Yiddish name what the Polish one is."

Sherri Bobish


Using The JewishGen Communities Database (soundex search) is helpful:

Droyanov perhaps:
Troyaniv [Ukr], Troyanov [Rus, Yid], Trojanów [Pol], Troianiv, Treyonev, Trayanov
Region: Volhynia

Pomoza perhaps:
Pamūšis [Lith], Pamusha [Yid], Pomusze [Pol], Pamush, Pomushe, Pamuše, Pamušio
Region: Kovno

Or, maybe:  Pomerania, (region), Poland 
Pomerania [Eng], Pommern [Ger], Pomorze [Pol]

Hope this helps,

Sherri Bobish

Alexander Sharon

1 Aleksandrów Kujawski and Aleksandrow Łódzki in Poland, and Aleksandriya, Wołyń region, Ukraine
2. Droyanov - Trayanov (Polish: Trajanów), Zhitomir area, Wołyń region, Ukraine
3. Pomoza - Pomoryany (Polish: Pomorzany), Zlochev, Tarnopol region, Ukraine
4. Hanovak - Hajnowka, Białystok region, Poland

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

Alexander Sharon

Following Sally Bruckheimer post:

Many smaller shtetls names have been added to the latest edition (2002) of WOWW2 (Where Once We Walk). Since 2002 publication, hundreds of the additional smaller shtetls name have been added to JGFF site at 

JewishGen Family Finder - Search

Alexander Sharon