(US) Jewish Americans in World War ll Online Photo Gallery National WWll Museum #announcements #photographs #usa

Jan Meisels Allen




The (US) National WW ll Museum has an online exhibit of Jewish Americans in World War ll which may be accessed at:  https://www.nationalww2museum.org/war/topics/jewish-americans-world-war-ii


There are 8 panels with stories and photos:

Home Front

American Nazism and Madison Square Garden

Operation Greenup: The Real Inglorious Bastards

Heroic Beauty: Exposing Omaha Beach

Hedy Lamar: WWII Hero—My Journeys Playing the Most Beautiful Genius in the World ( her real name was               

                              Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler)

The Highest and Purest Democracy: Rabbi Roland Gittelsohn's Iwo Jima Eulogy to his Fallen Comrades


Love in War: A Review of "We Are Going to be Lucky: A World War II Love Story in Letters"

Dreaming of a “White Christmas”

Profile of Sergeant Irving Becker


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


Susan J. Gordon

Thanks for this, Jan. On a related note, I must mention "The Enemy I Knew: German Jews in the Allied Military in World War II,"  edited by Steven Karras, pub 2009 Zenith Press. It's a powerful collection of stories by US combat veterans who had been born in Germany, emigrated to the US, and fought against the Nazis in the American army.

Susan J. Gordon
New York
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