Painted Woods (North Dakota) Jewish Farming Settlement reunion video - #usa #announcements


Over 70 descendants and researchers of Painted Woods Jewish Farming Settlement (June 1882-1890’s) participated in a Zoom virtual reunion on April 25, 2021.  A success, especially considering most of the attendees had not met since their ancestors were together at Painted Woods almost 140 years ago.


If you are interested in some of our research and family history, we made a recording of the event.  Below is the information you will need to watch the video.


Also, if you have an interest in our continued discussions, we have formed a private Facebook group entitled “Painted Woods Jewish Farming Settlement”.  If you wish to join the group, when applying for membership in the group on Facebook you will need to answer a couple of questions regarding your interest (e.g. relation to an ancestor who was at Painted Woods or background in researching Jewish agricultural colonies).



Topic: Painted Woods Jewish Farming Settlement virtual reunion

Speakers: Rick Levine, Lori Delman, Michael Frank
Date: Apr 25, 2021, 5pm Eastern Time

Zoom recording link:

Passcode:  Nj&&3=+h

NOTE: If you go to the Zoom link, it will ask for the Passcode.  Type in the Passcode, don’t copy and paste.



Richard Levine


My ancestors and their relatives at Painted Woods: CONFELD, DORFMAN, STEINMAN





On Mon, May 17, 2021 at 01:28 PM, yricklevy wrote:
I watched this and was fascinated by the family stories you told. Congratulations to all of you!
Ted Epand