German Citizenship: Germany, Holocaust #germany #holocaust


Several indexes identifying all those who were stripped of their German citizenship 1933-1945 have been available for many years, for example in K.G.Saur’s Die Ausbürgerung deurscher Staatsangehöriger.  However, researchers often appear to have had difficulty in accessing this information.  For those still seeking this information, I would be happy to check for any specific names, but please include given as well as family names.
Peter Lande
Washington, D.C.

Myra Fournier

Hi, Peter:

Thanks so much for your offer to search names. 

My parents - both emigrated to U.S.:
Egon Klappholz (born 1912 in Konigshutte)
Irene Schlesinger (born 1921 in Berlin)

My grandmothers - both emigrated to U.S.:
Johanna Klappholz - nee Schlein (born 1887 in Lendzin)
Erna Schlesinger - nee Meyer (born 1897 in Berlin)

My grandfather - emigrated to Holland
Kurt (Curt) Schlesinger (born 1885 in Berlin)

My greatgrandmother - died in Auschwitz:

Jenny Pelz - nee Gruenberg (born 1874 in Schoenlanke)

Again, my thanks.

Myra Fournier
Bedford, MA