This week's featured collections in Miriam Weiner's new Surname Database at the Routes to Roots Foundation website ( include documents from the towns of: Mogilev Podolskiy, Belogorodka, Czestochowa and Novograd-Volynsky. #poland #ukraine #holocaust #names #events

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The Routes to Roots Foundation is offering Weekly Featured Collections from the new Surname Databases on its website at

This week, we are highlighting the following: 


1.    Mogilev Podolskiy, Ukraine and these collections: 

o    List of Jews Living in Mogilev Podolskiy, 2000                                                   463 names

o    Holocaust Victims, 1941-1944                                                                           712 names

o    Mogilev Podolskiy - Jews Who Were Children in the MP Ghetto & Can Now

  Receive Food from Shop #35 in MP, 1993                                                       304 names

o    Mogilev Podolskiy - List of Jewish Prisoners in World War II and who now

  live in Mogilev Podolskiy, 1999                                                                        170 names      

 2.    Belogorodka, Ukraine – Holocaust Victims                                                             78 names

3.   Czestochowa, Poland - Surviving Jews, c. 1945                                                     2,485 names


4.   Novogrod-Volynsky, Ukraine

                  Birth records (1866/1949)                                                                              473 names



Please check out:

·         The List of Collections for each country, click here (

·         Collection Description is accessible with each Search Result (and includes town images, document examples and more).


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