Charlotte (Lotte) Friedmann from Breslau #germany

rv Kaplan

Lotte (Charlotte) Friedmann from Breslau, Germany (now Wroclaw, Poland) came to Scotland in the 1930s and we know that in 1937, she was employed as an ‘English correspondent’  by a company in Aberdeen. She lived at the time with a Mrs Benson. In February 1940, the Aberdeen Press & Journal reported that Lotte Friedmann was convener of the Aberdeen Refugee Centre.  In 1943, there is an account of Lotte giving a political talk to the Aberdeen Housewives' Association.  But what became of Lotte after the war?  Did she stay in the area? Does anyone have any knowledge of this lady?

In 1999, Charlotte Friedmann of Ramat HaSharon in Israel submitted a Page of Testimony to Yad VaShem about her father-in-law, Louis Friedmann from Breslau.  Perhaps Charlotte or someone who knows her may read this posting.


Harvey Kaplan

Scottish Jewish Archives Centre




Harvey:  Do you have any indication whether the Charlotte FRIEDMANN in Scotland was married?

I ask because the Charlotte FRIEDMANN who was still alive and Ramat HaSharon in 1999 was born Charlotte HEPNER and married FRIEDMANN.  Her parents were Ismar HEPNER (1889-ca.1943) and Else REICHENBACH (1892-ca.1943).   If the woman in Scotland was single, she would not be the one who left the UK for Israel.

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Sherri Bobish

Hi Harvey,

There may be more than one Lotte Friedmann from Breslau.  In 1938 Hans Friedmann (age 25) and his wife Hildegarde, arrived in NY, and he left behind his mother in Breslau named Lotte Friedmann.

Hans was going to his Uncle Eugene Friedmann in Chicago.

Hans had also been in The U.S. in 1937.

I assume this is not your Lotte Friedmann, since she was in Scotland by 1937, as you said.  This info may be helpful in sorting out the ladies with this name from Breslau.

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Sherri Bobish