Family from Roman Romania #romania

Ruth West

My Great grandmother was visiting Milwaukee during the 1910 census.  Her name was recorded as Denah Saragat.  i have seen the last name speddel several ways.
She was from Roman, Romania. If any one has thoughts about where I could look for the family information please email me ruthbwest@...
She may have had relatives that ended up in Paris.  
Thank you Ruth Berk West


There are SARAGA families in Roman before 1900 (Smil/Rifca, Iosub/Sura, Avram/Maria). That surname may fit the one listed which is likely misspelled.

Luc Radu
Great Neck, NY


My last name is Scharago. It is certainly similar to the name that you were referring to. It is my maiden name on my fathers side. I know his family came from Romania to New Jersey. My grandfather‘s name was Harry or HerschelAnd his wife’s name was Fanny
It would be very interesting if we were somehow related. Phyllis Scharago

Jeffrey Knisbacher

My wife had an aunt from Bucharest Romania (the family was originally from the Sighet area of Hungary) Viorica STAUBER, who married Henry SCHRAGER, a dentist. Henry and Viorica moved to Melbourne, Australia in 1960 and both died in the 1980s and are buried there. They were childless. We don't know where Henry was from originally but it occurs to me that SCHRAGER may be the basis for SCHRAGO, SARAGA, etc.,  or the other way around. Checking on Google, I find that Roman, Romania (pronounced as if spelled Romahn), had a Talmud Torah from 1817. Would like to compare notes.   I should also note that my version of the digest, as it appears in Thunderbird, does not give any indication of how or where to reply.

Jeff Knisbacher, Bradenton, Florida