Translation from German (maybe Polish?) #poland #names

Valentin Lupu

1st column: Consecutive number: 282

2nd column: Birth
Day: 12; Month: July; Year: 1897; Place: Schodnica

3rd column: Circumcision
Day: 19; Month: July; Year: 1897; Place: Schodnica

4th column: About the child
Name: Eisig; Gender: male

5th column: illegitimate (means that the parents were married in a religious marriage only , my note)

6th column: First and last name of the father as well as employment and place of residence: 

7th column:
First and last name of the mother, her place of residence then the first and last name of her parents

Sara Rifke Efrusi.....Moses Eichenstein rabbi....Tartakowie

8th column: Godfathers or witnesses
Moses Eichenstein rabbi

9th column: the circumcising
Baruch Rothberg

12th column: Note

Please note that I neither know German nor Polish. I used Google Translate. The handwriting is in cursive Polish so I didn't understand much of it.

Valentin Lupu

Jeffrey Grossman

Asking for a friend (really!). He got this from JRI Poland. He believes the middle entry (name= Eisig) may be his maternal grandfather. Neither of us can translate the column headings and certainly not the cursive writing. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks! 





Jeffrey Grossman
Redmond WA