Info on uncle's first wife #usa #general


Have you considered that there might be more than one Jack HYMAN born the same year as your grandfather living in New Jersey?

At our last house (about 20 years ago) there were two Steven FREEDMANs living within a mile.  And once I was on an airplane with someone else from Atlanta named Peggy FREEDMAN.  We kept the flight attendants on their toes!  I would keep this on the "maybe" list until finding more information.

I would also consider other spellings of HYMAN - maybe HEYMAN - when looking for both your uncle and the mystery man.

Good luck!

Peggy Mosinger Freedman
Atlanta, GA

Steve Pickoltz

In doing research on my uncle Jack HYMAN, I found him listed in the 1930 census living in Jersey City, NJ at 177 Orient Ave.   However, it also list him as married to a wife named "ANNE".  This is news to me.  The other info listed for my uncle seems to be correct.  Base on this info, it looks like they were married in 1925.

I have looked up marriages, deaths and divorces with no luck.  For his second marriage to my aunt, I have all the required up to date info.

Could someone help me find ANYTHING on this ANNE?  Anything on my uncle prior to marriage #1, would be appreciated also.

Steve Pickholtz
New Jersey
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