Barney Stein Ship Arrival #records


Adam:  Some names are nicknames, some are alternate spellings or bad
handwriting.  You can find the family on aboard the SS
Pennsylvania in the Hamburg Departure Lists for 21 July 1901. The
spelling of the names on this list are slightly  different on some
cases.    The town is not much clearer, but begins with "P"  It is
indexed here as Puschalatz.

Girta (Gite/Gita)
Itrig (Itzig, short for Isaac/Yitzchak)
Leis  (Lea/Leah)
Schmere (Shmerel)
Bonze (Benza, short for Benzion)
Chatzkel (short for Yechetzkel)

David Rosen
Boston, MA

Adam wrote:
I have been trying to find information about a relative Barney Stein. 
He passed away in Chicago, in 1943.  I believe that I found a record for
him and members of his familiy at Ellis island, and a section of the
document has been attached.  The first names of the family members were
transcribed as follows:  Girta, Jtrig, Leis, Schmere, Bonze, Chatzkel. 
Also, the last place of residence was transcribed as Tushalaby.  I
attempted to search for Tushalaby and was unable to identify such a
location.  Also, some of the names sound unusual, and I am curious if
they may be a type of "slang", or whether there may be a more common
form for the names listed?