Looking for “enfants cachés” (hidden children) in the South of France #france #holocaust

yael polat

I am looking for people (or their descendants) who have been “enfants cachés” in South of France.  Enfants cachés = hidden children with or without their parents.   South France means Béziers, Barcelonnette, Montauban etc. An exposition about there destiny is organized.
Yael Polat
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Hello you should put a post  in english but also in french on the facebook page Association pour la Mémoire de la Shoah or  Devoir de Memoire la Shoah, pour ne pas oublier
Best regards
Catherine JUROVSKY

Michael Sharp

Try the OSE archives OSE : A PROFESSIONAL JEWISH ASSOCIATION - Oeuvre de secours aux enfants (ose-france.org)
Michael Sharp
Manchester UK

Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
Dear Yael,
Michael gives the best answer if you wish to find names of children who had been hidden in homes located in South of France.
But if you which to contact those who are still alive now or their descendants, I can transfer your message, with some more details, to the 50 organizations who manage the "Forum des générations Shoah" at Memorial de la Shoah in Paris.
Our next meeting (by Zoom) is on June 8th.
Bernard Flam
Archives & history of Medem Center - Arbeter Ring


My father's three first cousins were sent from Frankfurt to France in 1939; their parents and baby brother stayed behind and were later killed. The three spent time in Munster, Bergerac, and Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants (OSE) children's home, Chateau Montintin. The testimony of the oldest, Mini Chazen, is on file with the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. Mini is no longer alive, but I believe her younger siblings are. They left France via Marseilles in 1942 just as the deportations were beginning, and were brought to the U.S. and adopted together.
Sandy Hahn Lanman
New Jersey


My mother was "enfant caché"  . Her family lived in Nîmes until german invaded "la zône libre" in nov 1942. The family was hidden in Chalencon,  a small village in Ardèche .
I have letters ( in french naturally) send by a close friend  during that period.
These letters have been copied by the "Memorial de la Shoah".
Gérard Jakubowicz

Joe Ross

There is an organization in Paris dedicated to hidden children. My mother was hidden as part of the Marcel Network operated by Mousa and Odette Abadi in Nice. There is a separate organization for these children and their descendants.


Hello Joe
Do you have the information concerning the Moussa and Odette Abadi's network. The cousin of my father was 9 in 1940 when the family fled to Nice. I have no idea if the child remained with them throughout the war or not. Best regards
Catherine JUROVSKY

Joe Ross

The link to the organization is below
Joe Ross

André Convers

New book on « Enfants Cachés » hidden children.

Andre Convers

Lorient, France


My friend, Ruth Steinfeld, is a survivor and was one of the hidden children in France.  She have me permission to send you this message:

During WWII I was hidden in France in the region of Dept. ISERE. It was the organization OSE (Oeuvre de Secour Aux Enfants) which were able to get us out of Concentration Camp Gurs. My sister Lea Krell and myself Ruth Krell survived and were taken to the USA in 1946. My sister Lea passed away thirteen years ago. I am now 88.
We have had the honor of bestowing RIGHTEOUS AMONG THE NATION to Mr. and Mrs. Chapot who hid us. 
My e-mail address is ruthsteinfeld33@...
I am now on the board of OSE-USA along with my niece Judy Mucasey, my sister's daughter.
Thank you
Ruth Steinfeld

yael polat

Thank you all for your answers. It's amazing to see and to remember how many Jews were hidden by good people in France and made the toll "only" 76000 deported. For the needs of the exposition, we are looking especially for families hidden around the city of Barcelonnette.

Yael Polat


Hi Yael,

I hope it is not too late. My husband Julien Engel was a Hidden Child in Nice and Cannes. He was hidden in a children home called Le Rayon de Soleil in Cannes by a Reseau ( Network) called Reseau Marcel.
How can we help you with?
Greetings from Washington Dc

Anne-Marie Engel