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Adam Cherson

Admixture reports cannot do this because of the many genetic recombinations over 8 generations (one cannot determine which ancestor(s) are producing the Sephardic signal). The only possible DNA strategy would be to obtain the yDNA (SNP) fingerprint of the 8th ancestor's line and then attempt to evaluate whether that particular terminal yDNA SNP fingerprint matches any other proven, modern Portuguese-Sephardic lines. While this is a theoretically possible strategy it is difficult to achieve in practice because you must first identify a modern yDNA descendant of the 8th ancestor, and then be lucky enough so that the ancestor's yDNA SNP fingerprint matches one of the known modern Portuguese-Sephardic ydna lineages. To successfully implement this strategy you must be working with terminal SNPs (i.e. the results from the Big Y 700 test at FTDNA) because anything less would provide an indeterminate answer. For example from experience I can say that the AB-022 line on the list contains both Sephardic and Ashkenazic lineages--- so just knowing that much information would not be enough. One needs to know which tiny sub-branch of AB-022 is the terminal 'twig'.
Adam Cherson

David Levine


DNA can go back quite far. There are three types of DNA:

YDNA - males only carry this (father's father's father's etc...)
mtDNA - from mother, male and female can carry (mother's mother's mother's etc...)
Autosomal DNA - everything else - pieces of DNA you inherit randomly from your parents and ancestors. The closer you are, the more shared DNA you had, the further away the less you are.
Ashkenazi Jews are extremely endogamous so our number of Autosomal DNA is massive compared to others
On FTDNA, by looking at your Autosomal DNA (they call it Family Finder) you can clearly see if it is Ashkenazi by the people you are related to. If it is Sephardic, that will also be clear.
YDNA  and mtDNA will five you very specific readings on Ashkenazi or Sephardic. If you do the Big Y test on FTDNA, you will get extremely granular details of your Jewish DNA
You will be one of these:
Each is a founding Jewish paternal line.

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I would like to hear the opinion of our DNA specialists in order to obtain confirmation that it would not possible to see in the DNA origins by places one line of Jewish Portuguese ancestor starting 8 generations back. If all the other ancestors are Ashkenazi it would still point out a 100 % Ashkenazi origin ?

To put the question differently up to what generation is it possible to track the various Jewish origins on FTDNA and Ancestry ?

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Joelle Meyer from Paris

Focussing for now on my Emden; Germany origins early in the 18th century probably leading to Bunde, Jemgum, and the Groningen region and leading perhaps to the Henriques family of Gluckstadt