Researching my Adopted Grandfather #dna

Connie Fisher Newhan

I've been trying to research my maternal adopted grandfather Henry ABRAMS for 40 years.  I have come up with nothing.  I reached out to my first cousin, the only person left who is male and carries my maternal grandfather's surname. 
It turns out he did Family Tree DNA years ago, as did my brother.  (My cousin is not really interested in research. He did the test at his wife's urging)
The curious thing is neither my brother or cousin show up as a match for each other, yet my mother and his father were siblings (both born to my adopted grandfather and the same mother)
How is it possible there are no matches. Would they have had different DNA tests?
Also, my cousin received a letter from the WIRTH Project telling him he is likely  related to others on the Y-DNA group J-L556.  
Any ideas?
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Connie Fisher Newhan (#1272)
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Not an answer, but this story has the makings of an example of why not to get involved in the murky world of DNA genealogy - and why to avoid "urging" others to do so. Should carry a huge health warning as well as a nonsense warning. 

Aubrey Blumsohn
Sheffield, UK

Raina Accardi

There really isn’t anything murky about it. If your brother and your maternal first cousin both took the Y-Dna test at FTdna, they most likely should NOT match. The Y-Dna is only passed down on the fathers line. If they both took the at-Dna (the family finder test) on FTdna, then they should match. If they don’t, someone has an NPE in their lineage. If they tested on two different sites, get them to upload to Gedmatch or MyHeritage so you can compare. 
Raina Accardi 
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Sarah L Meyer

As discussed below - if they did Y tests they would only have matched by coincidence.  However if they had done a Family Finder test (autosomal) they should have matched.  The good news is that there will be sales for Father's day  and if you are willing to pay for the tests - they can be done with the samples that FTDNA already has, so there would be no shipping costs.  It would be very helpful to confirm their relationship with the family finder test.  Yes I know that Ancestry is the preferred test, because you can upload to FTDNA and not vice versa.  However since your cousin is not really interested in genealogy, this requires nothing of him, other making it possible for you to pay for the test.

Sarah L Meyer
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