Given Name on Birth Certificates #poland

Wendy Newman

Hi there,
I have found 2 different index files on JRI for what I believe is the same person.  One file is for the birth of a Jakob Icek Ziskind in Opole on 20 Dec 1863
and the other is for Kielman Icek Zyskind on 13 Dec 1863.  the file number, akta 93, is the same for both and they look to be the same file, birth in Opole Lubelskie.
Can anyone explain why this would be?  Is it possible that Jakob and Kielman are the same name?  There is not much reference to Kielman as a given name.
I have known my relative to be Jakob, but not Kielman.
Thanks for any clarification you can provide.

Wendy Newman
searching Nudelman, Edelstein, Siskind


According to Dictionary of Ashkenazic Given Names by Alexander Beider the name Kielman is a variation of Kalman. 

Dassy Wilen
Flohr, Hirsch, Wilensky, Trembitsky


  Since the two dates are 7 days apart could one of them be birth and the other circumcision?
Larry Bassist
Springville, Utah, USA