Aharon KATZ - born Sieniawa, Galicia (Poland); died Beit Shean, Israel #poland

Joseph Lonstein

I'm looking to connect to the family of Aharon KATZ, born 22/12/1900 in Sieniawa.  He died in Beit Shean in 1987.  His daughter, Lea Kaplan, submitted a page of testimony that provided that information.  There is also an Aaron Guttstein on Geni.com who I contacted who has a small tree for some early members of what could be this same KATZ family.

I believe one of Aharon's sisters was Malke/Marie KATZ who in 1938 married my "lost" cousin Mendel SCHYRAK (also known as Mendel SPERBER; born July 24, 1906) in Sieniawa.  I'm hoping that finding this KATZ family will eventually help me find out what happened to Mendel SCHYRAK/SPERBER, his wife Malke KATZ, and their twin daughters Masza and Chaya who were born in Sieniawa in 1942.   

Also, does anyone know if there are census/lists of the Jews in Sieniawa before 1941 before the ghetto was created, or after 1941 within the ghetto?

Thanks for any leads,

Joe Lonstein
East Lansing, Michigan, USA