Nyir. Csabai #slovakia

George Muenz

I am part of a group of survivors of families of survivors from Csenger and the surrounding towns. We held our yearly memorial there 2 years ago. We have a WhatsApp and Facebook Group, so if you know any names, let me know naftalim@...
George (Naftali) Muenz
Vancouver, Canada


Dear Sarah                                       3rd June 2021

Here are  my thoughts about your request Nyir Csabai

I must record::  the name Nyircsaba --One word--Old Hungary --rings the bell

Sadly at present I am unable to 'locate' the accurate geographical location
        Nyircsaba--is a name of a village
      -Nyircsabai--with a letter 'i' at the end 
Simply means  --in Hungarian-- that the Individual was
from  a place -village--called -Nyircsaba--

As already been mentioned :
At present there are many towns; villages' in Hungary with the names beginning 
Nyir:  Like Nyirbator; Nyirmada; etc I can record more

As for the name Csaba--it also has  many towns, villages  containing the word Csaba ;Like Mezocsaba  etc.

There is a village /Town called Csobaj-- with a letter 'J'  at the end--near to Tiszalok

I wonder, if you would like to 'post' the full Hungarian marriage records
It may indicate, contain  further clues?

Csenger --in Hungary--to my knowledge had a large Jewish Community
I wonder, if you can mention the 'name' of the individual you are looking for
It may help?

Best wishes
Veronika Pachtinger
London  UK.


Sherri Bobish


Try looking at:
You can see a list of towns within 30 miles of Csenger.

I see several towns there that begin with "Nyir" including Nyírcsaholy.  Perhaps the "b" in Nyir. Csabai is supposed to be an "h"?

I've seen stranger misspellings of town names.

Just a thought,

Sherri Bobish



It can’t be Cabaj as that would have been spelled Czabaj and Nyir is unexplained. Since the town of Csenger is mentioned, a district in Northeast Hungary: Nyírség is probable. Please attach the source, preferably the whole page of handwriting. 

all the best

Michael Hollosi
Haliburton, Ontario


Did you searching for the town on https://blog.hamapah.org/searchable-map-of-hebrew-place-names/

Shia Rabinowitz

Marianna Toth

a link to marriage record would help.
Marianna Toth

joseph just

Hi all. I wonder if anyone can help me identify a town that appears as Nyir. Csabai in a marriage record. The record is from Slovakia but anywhere in the Hungarian Empire  is plausible. The individual in question was born in Csenger and lived in Nyir. Csabai at the time of his marriage.

Sarah Just