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Jake Jacobs

 ran across the index of Shoah Foundation testimonies at USC, which is tremendously useful. Have other databases of testimonies been indexed?   I am aware of testimonies taken at a number of locations, and don't know of any way to search them all. Does anyone?

Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas

Janette Silverman

rv Kaplan

Also, in Britain, includes: - Gathering the Voices project (Scotland)  - Scottish Jewish Archives Centre, Scottish Holocaust-era Study Centre - Association of Jewish Refugees (UK) 

Harvey Kaplan
Scottish Jewish Archives Centre

On Thu, 3 Jun 2021 at 14:16, Janette Silverman <janette.silverman@...> wrote:
These are some of the many places holding Shoah testimonies:

British Library Oral History

Fortunoff Video Archive

Michigan Holocaust Memorial Center

New York Public Library

St. Louis Holocaust Museum

University of Michigan

San Francisco JFCS

USC Shoah Foundation


Janette Silverman
Phoenix, AZ & Salt Lake City, UT


There are also Shoah recordings at Yale University.
Barbara Sloan
Conway, SC

Jake Jacobs

Very useful, thank you. Does anybody know of a master index, where all of these testimonies are listed together?

Diane Jacobs
Austin, Texas

Peggy Mosinger Freedman

The Breman Museum of Jewish Heritage in Atlanta also has a number of Holocaust recordings.  The museum is in the process of making these available on their website here:
Collection: Esther and Herbert Taylor Oral History Collection | The Breman Museum ArchivesSpace

The JGS of Georgia indexed these interviews and the index was just placed on JewishGen last week.  The entire list of oral interviews can be searched from the USA Research Division database.  The Holocaust testimonies can be searched from both the JewishGen Holocaust database and the USA database.

It is a great project.  I encourage other groups to index and submit the index to JewishGen to make all these records more widely available.

Peggy Mosinger Freedman
Atlanta, Georgia USA


While not strictly Shoah testimonies, the University of Lund, in Sweden, has interviews from about 45,000 concentration camp survivors who were taken to Swedish hospitals for medical care after they were liberated. Many of the testimonies have been translated and are available as pdfs. Here is a link to the Witnessing Genocide page on the University website: There is an alphabetical list of the interviewed survivors. There are also photographs, transport lists and much more. 
Cynthia Piech
Chicago IL

Linda Higgins

There are Pages Of Testimony at  I found one for my great-aunt.

Linda Higgins
Spring, TX

Lewis, Megan

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has a total of 80,778 oral histories.  These include ones we have done, ones we have received from other organizations (including the USC Shoah Foundation) and ones we have received from individuals.  Over 18,300 are available online through our Collections Search catalog,  Limit your search to Personal stories -> Interviews in Audio or Video.  Many of these have full transcripts, time-coded notes or basic summaries that include names and places which are searched as part of a keyword search.

We also catalog websites that have oral history collections in the Collections Search catalog.

Megan Lewis, reference librarian
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Susan H. Sachs

In addition to Yad Vashem's Pages of Testimony, there are Video Testimonies which you can search by Place or Topic

Video Testimonies Resource Center

Places - Select - Amsterdam, Holland Antwerp, Belgium Bardejov, Czechoslovakia Benghazi, Libya Beodra, Yugoslavia Berezhany, Poland Berlin, Germany Biala Rawska, Poland Bielsko-Biala, Poland Botosani, Romania Budapest, Hungary Buehl, Germany Campulung la Tissa, Romania Debrecen, Hungary Djerba, Tunisia Dugalishok, Belarussia Fulda, Germany Grenoble, France Grodno, Poland Hanau, Germany Heiloo, Holland Ilok, Yugoslavia Kalish, Poland Kavnik, Romania Kec, Hungary Kharkov, Ukraine Kishinev, Romania Kisvarda, Hungary Kovno, Lithuania Krakow, Poland Krasne, Belarus Liepaja, Latvia Lodz, Poland Lvov, Poland Malcz, Pruzhany Mir, Poland Monastir, Yugoslavia Munkács, Czechoslovakia Nagyszollos, Hungary Okany, Hungary Oslo, Norway Otwock, Poland Pestszenterzsebet, Hungary Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland Plonsk, Poland Plovdiv, Bulgaria Prague, Czechoslovakia Radom, Poland Rokiskis, Lithuania Rotterdam, Holland Salonika, Greece Satu-Mare, Romania Schermbeck, Germany Sighet, Romania Simleul Silvaniei (Szilagysomlyo), Hungary Sosnowiec, Poland Stanislawow, Poland Suchedniow, Poland Swenciany, Poland Tarnow, Poland Trnava, Czechoslovakia Trzebinia, Poland Uzhorod, Czechoslovakia Vascauti, Romania Vienna, Austria Vilna, Lithuania Warsaw, Poland Wolbrom, Poland Würzburg, Germany Zablocie, Poland Zagreb, Yugoslavia Zarojani, Romania Zhabokrich, Ukraine
Topics - Select - 01. The Jewish World Before World War II 02. Nazi Germany and the Jews - 1933-1939 03. The Outbreak of World War II and Anti-Jewish Violence 04. The Ghettos 05. The Final Solution 06. Transports and Extermination in the Death Camps 07. The World of the Camps 08. Combat and Rescue 09. An Ending and a Beginning 10. Return to Life

Throughout our website the voices of the survivors infuse our online exhibitions, historical narratives, teaching units and ceremonies with content and with meaning. We have gathered many of those testimonies in this section where they can be easily accessed by either topic or location, according to the birthplaces of the survivors. This section will continue to grow as more and more testimonies are added to the website.

"For whoever listens to a witness becomes a witness"

Excerpt from a speech given by Elie Wiesel at Yad Vashem

Susan Sachs
Beit Shemesh, Israel


tzipporah batami

Having an index like this at JewishGen is a great idea. Let me add one major source of testimony that has been left out here: book testimony. Many survivors have decided to put their first person accounts into books. A source would be the Azrieli Foundation for Canadian survivor books, the Israel National Library for Israeli survivor books, Scholastic for some American survivors targeted to young audiences for a start. Also there are brand new testimonies I dont recall exact names of begun in pandemic for fear of death from covid. One of these was done in London a few months ago and one was done in Boro Park and is geared to having survivors lead the interviews more and is much gentler. I would also suggest using the freedom of information act to obtain cia interview records of survivors in DP camps for their testimony. Thank you. Feigie Teichman

tzipporah batami

I can testify to the kindness and of the ushmm in making these sites as accessible as possible. Some of the smaller sites of local museums are missing the big view and not allowing their testimonies to be seen by those who inquire, even to living survivors of same hometown or for researchers. So the USHMM has extended itself to complete the gap and I definitely recommend it. Feigie Teichman

tzipporah batami

To addend to my previous list of additional annotated testimonies please note the shoah foundation website, called iwitness, and the zachor foundation website again if all these places including library of congress for books would cooperate with jewishgen and share it would be less.likely for us to meet with obstacles in trying to get access. Thank you. Feigie Teichman