Cyrillic Characters are easier to read than you might think #general

David Harrison

Dear all, especially Michelle and Mike
Let us get down to basics, Cyrillic was a letter system devised by an Orthodox Christian monk now known as Saint Cyrill in order to translate the Bible into a written form in Russia.. The characters are simple and most of them are Greek, whilst of the few that are not, because they represent sounds not used in Greek are mainly Hebrew (because he knew those two alphabets). If you did high school Mathematics or Physics you should know the sounds of these letters and a very meagre knowledge of Hebrew gives you the rest, hence printed Russian is quite easy to read, particularly because many modern words are transliterations from English or French,  This works in Russian and Ukranian enough to understand much in a museum or on a statue.  It is reading the script which is the problem as it is also with Hebrew, Yiddish or Ladino.  Therefore Russian was a language which I as an Engineer found easter to start than friends with better French, German, Italian or Spanish than me. I found no problem trying to read the Russian Menu in amongst the English, French and German in a Prague restaurant a year or so before going to Russia.
David Harrison
Birmingham, England

Cyrillic is not a language, but a writing system, upon which Russian, Ukrainian, Serb, and other alphabets are based.  Just like this text is based on a Latin writing system, upon which many alphabets, including English are based.  However, unlike the Latin language, there was never a Cyrillic language.  The official language of the Russian empire was Russian, so the records were recorded in that language.

Mike Vayser