Researching an Ontario adoption (pre-1921) #canada

Adam Turner

Does anyone have experience researching children who were adopted in Ontario prior to the passage of the Ontario Adoption Act in 1921?

I am researching some probable cousins I came across via DNA matching. Their grandmother's probable marriage record, from 1932 in Toronto, lists the following for her parents:

Bride's father: "Children's Aid baby [illegible]"
Bride's mother: [the likely name of a woman in my family - though it's hard to be certain because many in this family radically changed their surname around this time]

My probable cousins' grandmother was likely born in the Toronto area in 1913 or 1914. So what I think likely happened was that their biological great-grandmother, a cousin in my family, had a baby out-of-wedlock with a Gentile and gave her up for adoption. If my hunch is correct, their grandmother (who died in 1977) would have been a second cousin of my great-grandmother.

How difficult would it be for me to get more information on their grandmother's birth and subsequent adoption? According to FamilySearch,
Until the Ontario Adoption Act (8 April 1921), guardianships (child custody without the right of inheritance) were granted through the Surrogate Court. Guardianship actions are recorded in the court indexes and registers, and later for some Counties, in separate Guardianship Books. These books may be at the Surrogate Court offices. Contact the local government office to get the location.
I am not in Canada, so I won't likely be able to visit the relevant Surrogate Court office to go digging through their guardianship records anytime soon. Is there any other resource that would allow non-direct-line relatives to research these cases from 100+ years ago?

Adam Turner