HALPERN brothers in Brooklyn, NY #usa #general

Linda Kelley

Sam Halpern was born in Jasihnovka, Poland in 1910. He came to live in Brooklyn, NY

possibly about 1956. He had a brother, Abraham, who might have lived with or next door to

Sam and worked together as butchers in Brooklyn, NY.

Sam's wife was Beatrice Rivetz. Sam lived at 7255 Bergen Court, Brooklyn, NY.

Sam died 1987; his headstone says he was the son of Pesach. Sam and Beatrice were buried at Mount Ararat Cemetery, East Farmingdale, Suffolk County, NY.

Does anyone know about Abraham, son of Pesach? A Halpern relative in Israel would like to contact descendants of Abraham and Sam.

Thank you!

Linda Wolfe Kelley. lkelley49@...
Portland, OR, USA

Renee Steinig

Linda Wolfe Kelley <lkelley49@...> asked for help finding the
descendants of Sam Halpern (1910-1987), who lived at 7255 Bergen
Court, Brooklyn, and of his brother Abraham.

A search for Sam's address in NYC property records on ACRIS
(https://a836-acris.nyc.gov/CP/) brings up a record of the house's
sale in 1991. The two people listed appear to have been Sam's
executors. Possibly they were his children. To repeat the search,
click "Search Property Records," then "Parcel Identifier (Borough,
Block, Lot). On the next page, enter Brooklyn /Kings, Block 08362, Lot


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY