passenger record number from "United States Russians to America Index, 1834-1897" #records

philafrum <ebf2001@...>

Thanks to Sherri Bobish for locating the elusive manifest.

Turns out the passenger's name was transcribed incorrectly. The first letter, "B", was transcribed as "D," and the passenger was indexed accordingly. Thinking outside the box was the key.

I also learned that NARA's AAD (Access to Archival Database) entry for this passenger indicated his destination as Philadelphia. Technically that was correct, but I assumed incorrectly that that's where the ship landed. He actually debarked in NYC and proceeded to Philadelphia.

By the way, I didn't see the passenger record number on the manifest. It was a seven digit number (6258129) found on the AAD entry. Still wondering what it means and if it's useful in finding out more information.

Evan Fishman
Evan Fishman
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FISHMAN--Terespol, Poland
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