Looking for Bernard Freed and Anna nee Siporin's two children Laurie and Barry #usa

Sharon Ann Dror

I am looking for Bernard Freed’s wife May or Mary Freed AND Bernard & Anna’s two children… No one in the family remembers this family. 
Bernard Freed
August 19, 1911 New York- June 21, 2005 Died in Florida and buried at Evergreen Memorial Park in Tucson, AZ
Bernard was married to Anna nee Siporin Freed Doyle - all born and lived in New York. 
Anna passed away in 1990 in Los Angeles.
They have two children: Laurie Freed and Barry Freed - he moved to Chicago - no idea where Laurie lives.
Laurie born in 1941 and I dont know when Barry was born. 
I saw a listing in White pages that a Laurie Freed was married to George Milman with two sons then remarried to Milton Klorman. I have no idea if this is the right family as no one responded to me. 
Bernard and Anna divorced. Bernard remarried to a May or Mary - I dont know her maiden name. Anna remarried to a Doyle.
I found this article - very sweet to read… I got some clues that Bernard’s wife May or Mary died 10 years before the article was printed in 2003. They lived in Florida.
Before living in Florida, they lived in Brookfield, IL and before that New York…. May or Mary was a hair dresser. She may have worked at a funeral parlor. Relatives recall hearing something like this.
I tried several white pages and emails bounced back… or no responses…
I wrote to the Alzheimers Organization in Chicago - headquarters and see if they can help with any info - its been over 15 years since Bernard died so I dont know if they would know anything...
Does anyone in this group know this family?
Please let me know.

Sharon Ann Dror
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Hi Sharon, 

Bernard Freed married Mary Kotek in Illinois in 1954

Ma(r)y  Freed died in February 2000. A transcription of her obituary attached. 

Giannis Daropoulos 


Sharon Ann Dror

Thank you so much... Great info to have on Mary/May.

UPDATE to all - I found the Freed family so I don't need further assistance as they will give me information.

Sharon Ann Dror