POMARLEANU - Dorohoi & Botosani #romania

Rony Golan

Dear all,

I am doing research on the POMARLEANU family from Dorohoi and possibly Botosani.
There are two researchers on the JGFF researching this family, to whom I already sent messages (and not have been favoured by a reply).
If you have any information on this family, I will appreciate it if you contact me privately.

Thank you,

Rony Golan
Ramat HaSharon, Israel

                        EISDORFER, Hungary
                        SLOMOVITS, Sighet, Romania


There is a large number of Dorohoi Pomarleanu families -- I counted at least a dozen of couples  with children (about 75 births)   1868-1910. Interestingly one of these couples went to Botosani and are the only Pomarleanu there.  As un unrelated note I knew two Pomarleanu brothers which had same profession as myself - in Bucuresti 1960-1970s.

Luc Radu
Great Neck NY